Coming home, all you want to do is kick back and relax in a home that looks and smells terrific. While routine cleaning of vacuuming floors, wiping dust off tables, cabinets, pieces of furniture, fixtures, and getting rid of piles of trash goes a long way towards keeping your home clean, this is only the bare minimum. A deep cleaning gives extra attention to those often-neglected areas in your home where dirt and grime accumulate, like under the sink or inside the oven. Deep cleaning your home, even if only every six months or so, helps purify your living space and creates a more healthy and peaceful environment.

What is Deep Cleaning? 

Deep cleaning is top-to-bottom, thorough cleaning that eliminates all the deep-seated dirt and grime, germs, and bacteria. It usually covers the areas that aren’t covered in regular cleaning. It involves moving all the equipment and furniture and cleaning under them, and scrubbing every item until it shines like new. Some deep cleaning tasks may include:  

  • Washing blinds
  • Cleaning the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator inside and out
  • Cleaning patio doors and window frames
  • Window treatments
  • Remove soap scum and scale from kitchen tiles, showerheads, taps, bathroom tiles, and taps, 
  • Deep dusting every inch of the house
  • Clean behind appliances such as the washing machine, refrigerator, and oven, and cut through the grime that often builds up

Though deep cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, you cannot underestimate the benefits of this kind of cleaning.

Why is Deep Cleaning Necessary?

While daily and weekly cleaning and wipe-downs can take care of the visible grime in your home, it doesn’t eliminate the harmful, filthy elements out of your home’s corners and crevices. Here are some perks of deep cleaning your home:

  • Improves indoor air quality: Deep cleaning gets rid of dust, pet dander, dust mites, and other contaminants that cling to your rugs, carpets, couch, beddings, curtains, drapes, and clutter. These allergens contribute to poor indoor air quality and can cause eye irritation, hay fever, asthma attacks, coughing, and sneezing. By giving your home a deep cleanse, you can improve your indoor air quality significantly.
  • Pest-free home: Deep cleaning can prevent rodents and bugs from nesting in your home. By taking out the garbage, decluttering your home, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning every nook and cranny, you leave little to no room for pests to invade. 
  • Get rid of bacteria and viruses: A dirty environment is a haven for bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms to breed. With routine cleaning, you will only be cleaning the outer surfaces, and it is not that effective in eliminating the bacteria and germs responsible for illnesses and infections. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, actually disinfects your house, killing potentially harmful pathogens.   
  • Reduce mold: Deep cleaning helps create clean, ventilated spaces that prevent mold and mildew growth. Mold can be difficult and expensive to eradicate, so prevention or early identification can make all the difference. 
  • Minimize clutter: One of the goals of deep cleaning is to organize your space, which gives you an excellent opportunity to discard any unused items. This helps you eliminate clutter and create more space.

When Does My Home Need A Deep Cleaning? 

If you’re new to the cleaning game, scheduling a deep cleaning for your home twice a year is a great place to start. Spring and fall are the perfect time to declutter, clean, and organize. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it more frequently and follow a monthly or weekly deep cleaning schedule. It’s a good idea to speak with the professionals at Cris’s Cleaning Services to determine which deep cleaning schedule is right for your needs to ensure you get the high level of cleaning that your home deserves. 

Call Your Professional Cleaners

Deep cleaning your home is a surefire way to improve your air quality, reduce allergens and create a more welcoming living space. At Cris’s Cleaning Services, we offer comprehensive deep cleaning services that leave every inch of your house shiny and sparkling. Our licensed, experienced, and professionally vetted cleaning crew will come to your home and deep clean within hours. You just have to sit back and enjoy your free time. Contact us today to get a free quote!