Luxury Home Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for the best luxury home cleaning services in the Phoenix area? Cris’s Cleaning Services is your answer! We’ll work with you to provide maid services that fit your schedule. Whether you need us once a week, the entire week, or once a month, we’ll provide the house cleaning services you desire. You can also choose to develop a custom cleaning package that fits your unique needs.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Luxury Home Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your luxury home offers the following benefits:

We Save You Time

Your busy schedule prevents you from cleaning your house properly!

Having a professional cleaning service can do this time-consuming task for you so you can concentrate on more important things.

We Help Clean More Thoroughly

Your home requires special attention when it comes to cleaning. The kind of attention you probably don’t have with your busy schedule. A professional cleaning service will take special care in properly cleaning your home. They’ll take the time to thoroughly clean your home furnishings and appliances.

Cleaning Hard-To-Get-To Areas

A professional cleaning service will clean areas that usually don’t get much attention. Those areas include chandeliers, light fixtures, air vents, the ceiling and ceiling fans.

Concierge Services

Cris’s Cleaning also offers concierge services to help you with your weekly tasks. We can run errands, schedule handyman services, do laundry, take clothes to the dry cleaners, and provide pre and post-party cleaning.

Our Staff Is Trained!

We can also train your current staff to maintain the same level of services we provide.

While you may want to clean your luxury home yourself, it would take several weeks for you to finish. By then it would be time to start over again. Why don’t you just focus on throwing dinner parties and let us help you with the cleaning? Our luxury home cleaning service will take the stress out of keeping your beautiful, spacious home clean so you can concentrate on entertaining your friends and family.

Cris’s Cleaning Services Difference

Cris’s Cleaning Services is a professional business that is both fully licensed and insured, so you can trust that we will do a thorough and effective job. We bring all our own cleaning equipment along with our efficient, friendly and professionally vetted staff. We handle all the cleaning worries so that you can get on with your other duties without worrying about your privacy or security.


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