Clean Sanitation Tools by Cris's Cleaning Services

Everyone knows that we need sanitation tools to clean our houses. Whether it’s window cleaner, bleach, etc., clean sanitation tools produce a spotless, relaxing home. But what about our sanitation tools themselves, do we need to clean them?

The short answer is yes, but Cris’s Cleaning team is going to explore why in this blog.

Sanitation Tools Get Dirty, Too

Did you know that your hands carry on average 3,200 different germs? So when you go about your day, you’re likely spreading tons of germs on frequently-touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, keyboards, phones, drawers, sinks, etc. This is one of the many reasons why cleaning often is important.

But this also means that when you clean, you need to clean what you clean with. Or else, you’ll be picking up the germs you put on your sanitation tool. For example, let’s say you clean your bathtub with a bottle of bleach. When you first grab that bottle of bleach, you might be spreading germs onto it with your hands. So, you need to clean that bleach bottle to stop the spread of germs there. Then, you can clean with an even more peaceful mind.

Why Is It Important to Sanitize Your Cleaning Tools?

Sanitizing your cleaning tools prevents germs from spreading. Because while people may associate cleaning tools with always being clean, they’re made from plastic that can collect and hold germs. And germs can live up to 5 months on a dry surface, according to MedlinePlus. So, we need to be proactive and preventative with germs spreading. That’s why it’s recommended to sanitize your cleaning tools every month or so.

It goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath put physical health and safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds for the last two and half years. But germs lingering on commonly-touched surfaces is one of the biggest causes of mild sickness. Cleaning regularly ensures proper hygiene in the household and workplace (especially as many Americans head back to the office).

Additional Cleaning Tips: Electronics

Speaking of items that can be forgotten when it comes to cleaning, let’s discuss electronics. When people think of cleaning their home and its commonly-touched surfaces, everything that is fixed and secure comes to mind: bathtub, nightstand, counters, etc. But what about the electronics that we use probably more than three times any other surface in your home? These need to be cleaned too, and luckily, we have a how to clean electronics guide for you.

Don’t Want to Worry about Cleaning? Get Service from the Pros

We get it. Cleaning is the last thing anyone wants to do within their home, especially after a long day at work or even just coming back from a walk with your dog. A good, effective, and thorough cleaning can take hours and drain energy from you. That’s time you could use catching up with friends, reading a good book, or watching your favorite show. Getting your time back in your day is one of the many benefits of a professional cleaning service.

Don’t worry, because the expert cleaning team at Cris’s Cleaning Services is here to help! We’ve been cleaning homes, offices, and rental properties in Surprise, Arizona and the surrounding region for over 10 years. Contact us today for a free cleaning quote that’ll leave you eager to come home and unwind.

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