The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means you’re getting ready for hosting parties or hunkering down for a cozy, relaxing winter. Either way, you’ll want your house to be in the best shape possible as you spend more time indoors over the next couple of months.

Your home has collected plenty of dirt and dust during the outdoor seasons, and there are some certain things every homeowner can do to clean their home for a more enjoyable winter. The professionals at Cris’s Cleaning are here to offer 7 tips to get your home ready for winter.

Clean your HVAC Unit

Before you start using more heat to stay warm during the colder months, it’s smart to take a look at your HVAC unit and see if there are any repairs needed. You should change air filters about every month, but it’s more critical to do so before winter. If you are excessively using your HVAC system, it’s also good to check even more frequently than once a month to see if you can enhance your unit’s performance.

On top of changing air filters, you can clean ducts and vents to eliminate build-up to improve the airflow. A more effective system will make your house warmer and save you money with better performance. Because of this, you may need to consider a professional inspection for your HVAC unit and vents.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Of course, one area that constantly needs attention is the kitchen, and cleaning for the winter is no different. This can be an ideal time to wipe down and organize your cabinets, drawers, and pantry. It can be the time to also deep clean behind your fridge and microwave and thoroughly scrub the oven, refrigerator, freezer, and other appliances.

A deep clean can improve air quality, eliminate bacteria, and even improve your attitude.

Reduce Clutter

Organization is essential to maintaining a tidy house, especially as you stay indoors more during the winter. As you get your holiday shopping and wrapping completed, take a few minutes to look around cluttered areas of your house to see if there are things to donate or throw away.

Steam Clean Carpets and Furniture

Annual steam clean of your carpets and furniture is certainly a good idea. Spring and summer bring more dust, dirt, and mud into the home. So, as the weather gets cold, be proactive to steam clean some items in your home. Plus it will make you even more relaxed as you snuggle up on a clean couch to watch holiday movies with the family.

Wash Your Windows

Clean windows can get rid of all the dust and dirt they’ve collected in the outdoor season rain and wind. Now is time to clean the windows to bring in more sunshine, which can be another way to overcome the dark, winter blues. You’ll have fresher air and a better atmosphere with shiny windows.

Get Your Chimney Swept

Before settling by a warm fire, you’ll want to ensure your chimney is maintained and cleaned. This can prevent accidental chimney fires and enhance your home’s air quality.

Call the Pros

The best thing you can do to get your house ready for winter is to hire the pros to do a deep clean of your entire home. You’ll have more time, energy, and excitement for the holidays to focus on family by not cleaning yourself.

When thinking about whether or not you want to tackle all of this by yourself, consider how impactful a cleaning service can be. A consistently clean house can even play a part to keep pests away, and Cris’s Cleaning offers regularly occurring cleaning services depending on your preferred schedule. Either way, be sure to do your part to consistently practice household hygiene as you bundle up for the winter season.

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