In today’s busy world, one of the most overlooked aspects of one’s life is their health. Sometimes overlooking your health looks like choosing the pizza over the salad. Other times it looks like skipping the gym to play video games. However, having good health means more than eating the right things and exercising. Having good health also includes mental conditions such as having healthy thought patterns and maintaining a healthy environment. 

One profound idea in mental health is the idea that healthy environments promote healthy thought patterns, which leads to better decision-making and improved outcomes. While the degree of improved mental efficiency will vary in range across a population, there is no doubt that a clean environment will promote better mental health. In this article, we will explore the psychology of cleanliness and how it benefits mental health.

How Clean Environments Improve Mental Health

It has been confirmed that cleanliness and tidiness will induce individuals to be more direct and ethical. On the contrary, gross and disorganized environments can lead to mental frustration, which can cause a person to react more emotionally and less intelligently. 

Well-organized spaces can improve concentration as less thought is needed to make sense of the world around you. On the contrary, disorganized and cluttered areas may make it more difficult to find your way around. In the process of this, your thoughts can be derailed, and your mind can wander. This leads to increased procrastination and decreased output. The reaction from this can lead to an individual quitting when they do not feel themselves to be effective. This then may lead to guilt and negative thoughts about one’s self-worth. 

Additionally, unclean environments can build up dust and other potential toxins, interfering with air quality and resulting in tainted oxygen input. This can cause individuals to receive headaches, reduce concentration, and even cause someone to get sick. When someone doesn’t feel good, they tend to have disrupted thinking patterns, which can lead to disorganized and negative thoughts. 

Another reason a clean environment can lead to improving mental health is through the idea of correspondence. This idea states that our internal and external worlds influence each other and subconsciously overlap.

 For example, suppose you’re a baseball player and haven’t been hitting well and are in a rut. When you go up to bat, you may be mentally nervous about batting, and this may result in you feeling anxious, which can cause your palms to get sweaty and jumping at bad pitches. 

Conversely, suppose you are up to bat, and the pitcher strikes you with the ball. The next time you are at the plate, you may be mentally scared of getting hit again, which can cause you not to swing. 

This relationship can also be seen in your daily tasks. A clean environment can correspond to a clear mind, whereas a dirty environment may cloud your judgment. That’s why it’s important to take the initiative to make sure your living environment is clean and stays clean even when you get busy.

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