No one needs to tell us twice: cleaning your entire home is a lot of work. Whether it is a property or AirBnb you rent out or your own home, there’s no doubt you’ll miss a few items when cleaning, even if it’s a deep clean. Lucky for you, the cleaning experts at Cris’s Cleaning are here to identify the most commonly missed spots when house cleaning. 

Importance of Frequent Cleaning 

Cleaning your home regularly is crucial to maintaining an environment that’s not only comfortable but safe. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has come to realize how important personal hygiene and cleanliness is, and that starts at home. Frequently touched areas should be cleaned weekly, if not every few days. A routine of cleaning will reduce dust buildup, keep pests away, and contribute to better air quality and safety. 

Spots You Might’ve Missed When Cleaning

Next time you’re doing a regular home cleaning, don’t forget these spots that are commonly missed:

  1. Baseboards. Speaking of dust buildup, baseboards throughout the house pick up a lot of dust and dirt. They can be uncomfortable and annoying to clean, so with each house cleaning that goes by without paying attention to your baseboards, more dirt will accumulate. Try to clean your baseboards every time you bring out the vacuum or dust rag. 
  2. Washing machine. After walking down the stairs carrying a load of laundry, the last thing we want to do is take the time to clean our washing machine. But unfortunately, this task needs to be done; our washing machines can’t clean themselves like they clean our clothes. 
  3. Toothbrush holder. You want to make sure that your toothbrush is in good hands by properly and frequently cleaning the toothbrush holder. Germy gunk can build up after each use, so try to take the time to clean your toothbrush holder every few weeks. Who knows, it may result in a happier smile. 
  4. House plants. Something many homeowners forget is that their plants themselves can accumulate a lot of dust, both on their leaves and around the pot. You can give them a gentle dusting and periodically check on them; perhaps every time you need to water them. 
  5. Dishwasher. Similar to the washing machine, dishwashers can slip our minds since we think of them as a cleaning tool. But they can’t clean themselves either. Putting a cup of vinegar in with your dishes every month or so will eliminate mineral deposits and soap scum. Plus, you want to wipe down the appliance every week since it’s frequently touched and can collect dust. 
  6. Ceiling fans and overhead lights. Because these spots are higher up, we can forget to clean them or intentionally not do it as often. But don’t be fooled by them; they require a good cleaning about every month. The less dust you can produce within your entire home, the happier and healthier you’ll be over the long run. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Home Top to Bottom?

Cleaning your home can be quite the chore, but the truth is that the less you do it, the more of a chore it can become. What can take less than 10 minutes a day of proactive dusting and wiping down appliances quickly turns into a 2 hour event every other week, if you let it. Frequent cleaning is important to maintaining your home. 

But how often do you need to really deep clean your house? The answer will depend on your home’s size and living circumstances (how many people live there, do any kids live there, do any pets live there, etc.). But most people agree a deep clean is needed at least once a month. And this means really cleaning top to bottom: from the corners of the bathtub to the door frames of your bedroom. And when you do, don’t forget those commonly missed spots. You’ll be thankful you took care of them!

Get Regular Cleaning with the Pros

Cleaning by yourself can grow tiresome and tedious quickly. But don’t worry, you can find help with professionals. The benefits of professional cleaning services outweigh any negative you can think of. You’ll have a more functional space, save time and energy, and, even be happier with your clean home. Contact Cris’s Cleaning Services to learn more or request a free quote. 

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