In our busy and hectic schedules, working from 8 to 5 jobs, balancing professional and personal, and shedding stress on weekends, we often require a helping hand. They will be the ones to take care of chores and maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of our home. If not daily, at least once a week.

Maids are typically the ones doing the routine cleaning for homeowners and Housekeepers are usually those who take care of your house from a literal aspect. With companies providing the maid and housekeeping services, it helps to shed some load off of your shoulders. Housekeepers have a well-described level of respect for the services they are providing and making people’s life easy. You can hire a maid who will visit you at fix days and timings, or you can go for a housekeeper doing a full-time job at your place taking care of literally everything. Many families looking for helper but are confused about whether to go for a maid or a housekeeper.

Who is a Maid?

Maids are usually the ones who will do the routine cleaning of our homes. They can be hired depending on the need and time, like on daily, weekly, or monthly for deep cleaning.  Maids are the best when it comes to keeping things tidy smoothly.

Mostly people hire maids for heavy cleaning of the home on special occasions or when required. They will perform tasks like shampooing carpets, cleaning stores, moving furniture and remove dust and webs, cleansing behind the washing machine, refrigerator, etc. In short, the maid can perform all those cleansing tasks as per your need.

Maid Services

  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors
  • The dusting of furniture, curtains, ornaments, and ceiling fans
  • Cleaning kitchen surfaces like tiles, chimney, countertops sinks and wiping down, dishwasher, oven and microwave,
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom, toilet, tub, sink, and shower
  • Cleaning glass windows, rails, area behind heavy furniture like sofa, refrigerator, bed, etc., behind electronic appliances like dishwasher, washing machines, etc.

Who is a Housekeeper?

As obvious from the name, the housekeeper is one who will take care of the literal job of your house. A housekeeper will take care of all these things from cleaning to babysitting to entertaining your guests.

A housekeeper is a full-time job, and in most cases, they live on-site with family, and that’s why they develop a strong affectionate bond with family. Housekeepers take on a wide range of roles to keep the household running smoothly. Families in which everyone is busy with their jobs and are focusing on their goals will go for a housekeeper.

Housekeeper Services

  • Dusting, mopping, vacuuming
  • Cleaning dishes
  • Arranging and organizing kitchen
  • Doing laundry, ironing, and keeping clothes in cupboards
  • Taking care of every person’s special needs

How to Choose the Right Service?

Whether to go for a mid or a housekeeper merely depends on the needs of the family. Maids are a good idea when you have to prepare for a festival or have to go for monthly deep cleaning. They can easily tackle big things for you, and you can sit back and relax. Hire them and get house entirely swept but remember to hire from a trusted agency because it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Nevertheless, if you require someone to do all the chores and tasks of your home and take care of every matter of household, then housekeeper is the best option. They will take off most of the stress of your household from your shoulders. Of course, hiring a housekeeper will require more monetary investment, but the relaxation and ease are worth it.

Make Your Life Easier

Once you have attained services from a well-reputed cleaning company, like Cris’s Cleaning Services LLC, it will help a lot in the future. You will realize the capabilities maids, and housekeepers come with and stand aside from your trust issues. A little help, every once in a while, gives you some validity of the time for yourself.

You can ask the helper to reach out to places you missed yourself. Once you realize how life gets easier with the helping hand, the payments are worth it. You won’t have to worry or resent your partner for a day. Instead, you can give yourself some valuable time. Leave all the laundry and other chores to the service providers, and relax in a squeaky cleaned home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you make sure I get the right service?

At Cris’s Cleaning Services LLC, our website helps you get the quotation after you put in details about the necessary services. Once we get the complete insights about your requirements, only the right services are provoked to our clients for trustability in the future.

Q: How many maids or housekeepers will be sent to my home?

It depends on the services demanded. For some house, we may send two to four of our maids, and housekeepers. But, for others, it might be just one maid for a day or housekeeper for the owners.

Q: What the guarantee that I will be satisfied with the work?

While staying accustomed to our promises, and grasping hold of our client’s trust, we provide satisfying results. If you find any uncleaned corner or other issues, we promise to work until pleases your expectations.

Call Your Professional Cleaners

Depending on your work modes and schedule of family members, one should decide if they need a maid or a housekeeper. Both will fulfill your basic requirements so that you don’t have to worry about any. Go for a trusted housekeeper so that you don’t need to keep an eagle eye on every task. But, if you want a day service, then maids are also not a bad option at all. Hire a maid and get all those difficult tasks done that you are unable to manage with your job. At Cris’s Cleaning Services LLC, we ensure that we follow the house cleaning checklist every time we provide services.