AirBnb / Vacation Home Cleaning Phoenix

If you are renting out your home via Airbnb in Phoenix or by some other method, keeping it clean can be highly tedious. If you are renting out a house to vacation in, you will also need to make sure you leave it in great condition once your vacation has ended. Luckily, professional cleaning services such as ours can help you out with this. Learn more about our vacation home cleaning services below!

Benefits of Professional Cleaning

If you are considering hiring a professional company to handle your cleaning needs, they offer the following benefits:

  • Satisfaction- If you are considering renting out a vacation home, to make it look nice and in good condition for your guest, a professional cleaning service can help eliminate the concern of getting it ready in time for the next guest.
  • Enjoy Your Vacation- No matter if you are renting out your home or traveling to rent out someone else’s home, you will not want to be bothered with cleaning. Hiring a professional company will allow you more time to enjoy your vacation and get other affairs in order.
  • Great Reviews- If you are renting out your home, making sure it is in pristine condition will only improve your reviews. Over time, this will likely help you boost business as well.

Vacation Home Cleaning Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

Cris’s Cleaning offers a wide variety of cleaning services to help keep homes looking and smelling amazing at all times, it is important to schedule periodic deep cleanings of your unit too. Here at Cris’s Cleaning Services, we offer the following home cleaning services:

Kitchen Areas

If you need your kitchen cleaned, Cris’s Cleaning can offer you the following:

  • Countertop Cleaning
  • Sink Shining and Cleaning
  • Cabinet Door Cleaning
  • Doors & Door Frames Cleaning
  • Sweeping and Mopping of Floors
  • Cleaning and putting away dishes
  • Wiping door handles, and light switches
  • Taking out the trash
  • Checking for damages and reporting low inventory
  • And Much More…


If your bathroom area is of special concern, we can also offer you the following cleaning services:

  • Bathtub & Showers Cleaning
  • Shower Door Cleaning
  • Mirrors Wiping/ Cleaning
  • Bathroom Fixture Cleaning
  • Countertop Cleaning
  • Toilet Cleaning
  • Sweeping and Mopping floors
  • Checking for damages
  • Reporting low inventory to keep stocked with toiletries and other supplies
  • And Much More…

Dining Areas

If there is an excess of dirt and grime in your dining area, the following services can help get everything back up to your standards:

  • Door and Door Frames Cleaning
  • Home Accessory Cleaning and Dusting
  • Baseboards Cleaning
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Hand Cleaning of All Flat Surfaces
  • Vacuuming or Mopping of Floors
  • Wiping Down of Tables and Chair
  • Checking for damages and reporting low inventory

Sleeping & Living Areas

Keeping the bedrooms in your home clean can be one of the toughest tasks with regards to home maintenance. If you are on a vacation, you will want to have the most fun as possible and will likely only worry about cleaning once it is time to leave. Cris’s Cleaning Services offers the following services for your sleeping and living areas:

  • Door and Door Frame Cleaning
  • Pictures Frame Dusting and Cleaning
  • Baseboard Dusting
  • Vacuuming/ Mopping of Floors
  • Hand Cleaning of Stair Rails
  • Vacuuming or Mopping of Stairs
  • Dusting of Electronics
  • Emptying of All Trash
  • Making the Beds
  • Checking for damages and reporting low inventory
  • And Much More

Cris’s Cleaning Services Difference

Cris’s Cleaning Services is a professional business that is both fully licensed and insured, so you can trust that we will do a thorough and effective job. We bring all our own cleaning equipment along with our efficient, friendly and professionally vetted staff. We handle all the cleaning worries so that you can get on with your other duties without worrying about your privacy or security. Check out our reviews on Google Contact us today to learn more!


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